Vaerus Fourtines

Young human knight in shining armor with the symbols of Iomedae prominent on tabard and shield.


Young, handsome Chellaxian human with a large presence and calming demeanor. He is Pale skinned and black haired with eyes that are nearly black like many Challaxians. His armor is of quality and well maintained and the man underneath has appearance of solidity and bearing.

Vaerus is ever willing to give praise to his goddess and invokes her in the simplest of moments but it is obvious that it is a genuine faith and not a shield that he hides behind. He seems competent and reasoned and it is rare that he acts without thought. He accepts others of different backgrounds with aplomb and is willing to reach out a hand of friendship well before he resorts to violence.


The reason for Vaerus wanting to start a kingdom is to have a place to bring his extended family and home village of displaced Chellish Iomedae worshipers currently eking out an existence in the River Kingdoms. They are heavily taxed by the local warlord and are subject to various “protection fees” from roaming bandit groups etc.

Upon hearing of this opportunity to be granted land, he jumped at the chance.
He is a village kid from the River Kingdoms (a thorpe of 80 people called Brisington) East of the Embeth forest. He’s the son of a devout farmer and wife, and has 6 siblings.

Father Colovos is Vaerus’ local priest of Iomedae. He is unfailingly kindly to the folk of his village and urges them all to greater things but saw in Vaerus an exceptional soul and took the boy under his wing. Vaerus spent much of his youth as an apprentice in the local church which meant he did a lot of menial labor and took care of the church’s animals. Vaerus has been told that he will one day be a hero, a figure for the world to know and admire. That did not keep the boy from hours and hours of chores and studies and prayers but it did instill a quiet fortitude in the boy.
At the age of 10, Vaerus was apprenticed to not only the priest but also to a retired Knight, Arvle to begin his combat training. As Vaerus was unable to be squired to a knight until 15, Arvle instructed the boy in the skills of riding and animal care and rudiments of fighting. While Colovos improved Vaerus’ mind and virtue, Arvle improved the boy’s body and skill.

Vaerus spent very little time with his family, most nights sleeping at either the church or the knight’s residence but he is on good terms with his parents and siblings. They all respect his quiet determination and believe Father Colovos when he tells them that Vaerus will be an example for all to follow. His father, Ungerman, and his mother Alcantara are farmers in Brisington and they make enough to survive the winters there but only just. They are an honest and hard working folk that spend their small amount of free time educating Vaerus’ 4 brothers and two sisters and helping Father Colovos keep up the local church. They are know as
Allison is the oldest. Bland to look at, but strong and devout. She nearly raised Vaerus until he was noticed by the Father. She is 22, and 6 years older than Vaerus. She expects to wed the miller’s son Tomas within the year.
Haren is the oldest boy at 21. He is prone to laughter and he is the family entertainer. He can sing and plays a passable homemade lyre. His days are filled with helping on the family farm but he has been spending time with another farmer’s daughter, Holly and would like to wed when he can afford a home of his own.
Simon is the next boy at 19. He is a strong quiet lad who has helped better the Fourtines farm with minor improvements and planning of crops and rotations. His keen observations and tendency to track everything has benefitted the whole community as he willingly shares information with all. He has not yet settled on a girl but there are a few hopeful girls in Brisington attempting to catch his eye.
Meb (short for Mebelline) is 18. She is one of the prettiest girls in Brisington but doesn’t flaunt it. She is demure and gracious and friends with everyone. She has some talent with the family animals and has taken it upon herself to improve the breeding stock of all of the animals in Brisington. She would sneak off to help Vaerus when he was tending the church’s animals and he learned much from her
Meikel is 14 and is known as the old man. He works as hard as any fully grown man and speaks little. He is short for his age but muscular from working. He is the least outgoing of the Fourtines children and he is teased for being a bit grumpy. his favorite saying is “There is work to be done”
Unger (Short for Ungerman Jr) is the baby of the family at 10. He came along a bit unexpectedly after Ungerman and Alca had thought they were too old for further children. His family showers him with attention and he has the least onerous chores around the house. He was been allowed to tag along with Vaerus to the church took over Vaerus’ chores there when he was sent to Mendev.

Vaerus’ first weapons were crafted by the village smith known only as Smith. He is one of the few non-Chellish villagers. The seemingly Andoran man showed up 25 years ago when Brisington was first being built as a stockaded fort and set to work setting up a smith to help. The man is a journeyman smith at best but well capable of taking care of the village’s needs. His work has left him well muscled and he takes pride in his shaven face and flowing mustaches. he has found a Chellish bride and has had 5 children of his own to add to Brisington.

The local miller, Derricot is the father of Tomas, Allison’s soon to be husband. He and his wife have 4 children. Like most of Brisington’s residents, the Millers are devout and honest folk.

There is no local tavern but Adela Rascon has a large house that sits mostly empty after the death of her husband and 2 children. She opens the house for town meetings, and trusted visitors are directed there for room and board which is how she maintains a living. She also has a small anteroom where she stores and sells various traded goods for the town. Her house is the closest thing to a store that Brisington sports.

The remaining villagers are composed of seven other families that own farms close in. The old stockaded fort is available for use in emergencies on the West bank of the river on a defensible hillock. The townsfolk have trained for the worst situations but mostly accede to passing warbands with taxes and “protection fees” as a way to placate them. It is easier to share their crops than to lose a loved one.
Every few weeks or so during good weather, a trade barge sets in at the dock to trade crops and foodstuff for necessities that Brisington can not make on it’s own. The few luxury items such as bits of ribbon or fancy buttons come from this trade as well. Most of this is handled by Adela.

When he was old enough to be squired he was sent away to a fortress of the Knights of Ozem where he was trained in the city of Kenebres, in Mendev. His Lord Beaureynold had trained him with sword and shield and the knightly arts of horsemanship and lance, the wearing and seating of armor on man and beast. Lord Beaureynold met an untimely and ill honored end at the Battle of Isarn. Vaerus had been sent ahead and was waylaid in town and the battle was over before he could warn his lord. Vaerus escaped the treacherous city of Isarn by nightfall and was able to save the life of gravely injured bannerman Eoric on the battlefield and return him to the 12th.  With his lord dead, and the knights of the 12th Circle most likely heading back to Mendev after the battle, Vaerus was given his leave by the newly promoted Lord Epitimis. Vaerus explained that Iomedae had a different vision for him than to be a Knight of the 12th and Lord Epitimis granted him absolution of his remaining time as a squire and wished him luck and good graces. “Go in the name of the Ascended and do GOOD, Vaerus. Make Lord Beaureynold and the 12th proud to have served with you.”

Vaerus rode to Restov directly from that departing along with a newly found companion, Pip the halfling.

He has kept his country mindset but brought an undeniable desire to rid the world of evil and to help his small village.

Vaerus Fourtines

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