Maksim Conley

Maksim Conley - (Party NPC) Archer/Fighter


28 yrs old Taldan. Brown haired, tanned, and weather worn. Hard worker, Rope burn scars on his neck. Very quiet, raspy voice when he talks.


Conley ex-bandit, worked for Lord Stagg. Was previously married with children but his farm was taxed into ruin and his wife was killed by the local warlord’s thugs. When Conley fought back he was sentenced to die by hanging. His sister and her husband claimed his 3 children. Somehow, the rope broke as he was left for dead and he took out for wilderness, eventually coming to join the bandits in the stolen lands.

Was vanquished by Vaerus and has subsequently joined the group as companion. He helped rescue Siemon the Trader from Hobgoblins.

Maksim Conley

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