Gallishaun Orrindil

A tall handsome white-haired elf.


Shaun is a tall, light-skinned elf with short white hair. It’s obvious that he is more used to more scholarly pursuits, rather than adventuring.


Gallishaun “Shaun” Orrindil has two mothers. Kyderigallil and Ashaunderaldra have lived in Restov for hundreds of years. Neither claims to remember why they settled there in the first place, and although they’ve lived there longer than anyone else, they’ve made minimal impact on the city, prefering to keep to themselves rather than get involved in public life.

Neither has been forthcoming about the circumstances of Gallishaun’s birth, and by the time it occurred to Shaun to ask, anyone else who might have known something was dead. Shaun grew up in Restov playing with the primarily human children there. Of course, every year or so he had a new crop of age appropriate friends, and in fact many of his first friends died of old age while Shaun was still a youth.

At the tender age of 75, Shaun was sent to Kyonin to learn more of his Elven heritage. He enjoyed his time learning magic, archery and swordplay, but after growing up in a human world, everything in Kyonin seemed to be very slow paced. After a mere thirty years, Shaun’s patience was exhausted and he returned to Restov.

Upon returning home, Shaun set himself up as a local sage and scholar — more out of a love for learning than to “earn a living”. He’s studied just about everything at one time or another, though he’s easily distracted, often spending no more than a year or two on any one subject. He has begun several large projects, the most complete of which is a comprehensive history of Restov. He pestered his mothers to tell him of their memories of the city and gathered as much written history as he can find.

Unlike his mothers who avoided public life, Shaun has been an infrequent petitioner before the city’s leaders coming with proposals for improvements in sanitation, transportation and water distribution. None of his proposals have been adopted, but Shaun enjoys the opportunity to present his ideas, often using his magic in his presentations like ghost sound and silent image.

A few years ago, Shaun came across an old reference to the “Aelfin Waise”, some means of travel through connections to the first world. His interest piqued, Shaun began a study of this phenomenon which had been all but forgotten. After a couple of years of research, he managed to locate a portal location near Restov. Unfortunately it had been long buried, and Shaun hired some dwarves to find it and clear a path. Shaun managed to activate the portal, and in the most irrational action of his short life, stepped through.

Gallishaun Orrindil

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