5th Pharast (March)
o Outside the gates of Restov a Kobold was chased out of the city by a guard. The thing was screaming for help in broke Trader Tongue. We learned his name is Akara and he wanted help to free his people from the lizard men. Vaerus told him that he will return. When we left the city on the 6th, Akara was nowhere in sight but we have a feeling we will see him in the future.
o Charter from King Surtova of Brevoy. Issued by Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellmins to map and settle the Stolen Lands. Two other adventuring parties accepted.
o Lord Mayors son Orvon tried to provoke one of our party into duel.
o Duels are part of most societies in the region. Duels are held to: Protect Honor, gain position in the government, and settle disputes. They are held weekly in the Arena before games.
o Wanted: Falgrim Sneeg <<…>>
o Missing family: 56yr old male human, Rander Dulwar, his son – Morn a 26 yr old man, wife and two sons 12 and 8. We believe they left the city by boat. But for some reason they left without telling anyone where or why.
o Hakon wishes to return to the Deluxury to learn what “satisfy every patron’s needs”, really means.
8th Pharast (March)
o The Adventuring party lead by Kerwyn, tried to ambush our party. But Salem and Hakon spotted them before they could act. We captured a severely wounded member of Kerwyn’s party but he was unconscious for a few more days.
o Vaerus hung the bodies of Kerwyn’s party in trees using 40 feet of rope.
o 2 days out of Restov, we just made camp.
9th Pharast (March)
o Battle at the abandon farm
o In the morning hours we crested a hill we found 6 bandits attacking 3 monks in an abandoned farm. Hakon drew first blood with a leaping attack, killing a bandit with one swing. Vaerus was wounded many times but was able to secure the hill with the enemy archers.
o After defeating the bandits we befriend two of the bandits (Conley and Burnham)and learn they work for a man called Lord Stagg. A self proclaimed ruler of the River Kingdom.
o Sal was the leader of bandits ambush party.
o Lord Staggs’ men have taken over Olegs’ Trading Post and imprisoned Oleg and his wife. The bandits are lead by a ranger called Happs.
o Three Monks were traveling from Restov after picking up a package and heading back to their Monastery the Order of Aroden. The Monks had no idea that the package was a Banner of some importance.
o Conley the bandit told us that they were sent to ambush the monks and to take the banner to the Lord Stagg. Sal had no information on the banner.
o Kerwyn s’ man Val awoke and informed us (after a “one on one” talk with Hakon) that Kerwyn worked for the city of Pitax or an organization in the area. He was paid in weapons and gold to attack any exploration parties into the Stolen Lands. Val seems loyal to our party.
10th Pharast (March)
• Mysterious visitor
o Before dawn a cloaked 7ft tall figure with broad shoulders and milky white eyes addresses Salem and Hakon during their watch. The figure told them he was searching for a family, two men, a woman, and two tender boys. If we find them he asks for us to use the whistle he gave to Hakon to call him. The whistle is carved out of polished bone.
11th Pharast (March)
• Assault on Oleg’s Trading Post 10pm
o Salem, posing as Sal, leads the party into Happs “newly acquired” trading post.
o We quickly killed the bandits, freed Oleg and his wife and killed Happs.
o We captured six bandits and quickly executed them and hung the bodies over the wall.
o Vaerus sent Burnham to Restov carrying a message of our recent activities and requesting help to defend the trading post.
o Spent two days helping Oleg rebuild his fort and it is now open for business.
o Oleg is caring for 24 of our horses.

15th Pharast (March)
• Arrived at Aroden Monastery (two day trip) @ 4 in the afternoon
• Upon arriving at the monastery we were instantly thrown into a dispute between two monk factions; those that want to sell the banner and those that wanted to keep it. Hakon felt it best to keep the banner in the monastery.

• There was also a buyer from Numeria lead by High Chief Skilor Orvenstine, of the Numeria barbarian rebellion.

• Furthermore, the thief Tamira was also there looking to acquire (by black-mailing Thimon) additional funds for a trip West. She had been paid by the head monk, Thimon, to steal the Banner of Kings from the vaults of New Stetven(capital). Now she is a very wanted woman in Brevoy.

• To make matters worse, the missing Dulwar family from Restov was there seeking refuge. Salem met the Grandfather, Rander in the library and sensed he was a man with strong magical talent. The Grandfather was very inquisitive about what Salem knew in regards to who was following the family.

• During dinner, Hakon and Pip riffled Thimon’s room for the banner. They found it locked in a chest. Hakon, not wanting to leave the banner and be alone, drank the rest of the fire brandy and slept in Thimon’s bed. Pip kept a watchful eye out.

• Thimon returned to his room and found a willing young man in his bed and… It was a night to remember in a Greek kind of way. Thimon picked Hakon up and carried him to the courtyard.

• Pip talked Thimon into letting Salem examine the banner and to negotiate with Skilor.

• Vaerus left to talk to Skilor at his camp, but before he could engage him in conversation, Skilor and his man rushed the monastery. Skilor must have been scrying on Thimon’s rooms and learned that the banner was to be examined.

• Upon Skilor’s entrance, Kendra confronted Thimon, and all parties agreed to examine the banner in the dining hall. Pip removed the banner and out came the Brevoy contract.

• Let it be known to all Gods and nations of Golarion that on this day the 5th of Pharast in the year 4500 House Rogarvia and House Surtova are hereby bound by Marriage by the union of Choral the Conqueror and Myrna Surtova, to rule over the new nation of Brevoy as King and Queen. Upon this union House Surtova may retain rule over all current holding, lands, citizens, and the two first born of this royal union will be heirs to House Surtova and live in the holdings of House Surtova and not of the King. All this in exchange that House Surtova relinquish all claims to the Dragonscale throne and all lands formerly known as Issia and submit to the new King of Brevoy, Choral Rogarvia.

• When the letter was read aloud, Rander left the room with the two boys and confronted the boy’s parents in the courtyard, Vaerus was listening.

• Rander was taking the boys now and leaving the monastery with or without the parents. The father agreed to go…

• Leaping into the courtyard was the milk-white eyed traveler arrayed in weapons, wielding a oversize great falchion and attack Rander.

• Rander cast a wall of fire, killing both parents but blocking the advancing Traveler. All sides start fighting. The boys fled.

• Vaerus attacked Rander, wounding him severely. The Traveler killed the half-orc monk in two swings and moved towards Rander. Rander fled through the fire, followed by the Traveler. Vaerus and the staggering Hakon skirted the wall of fire but followed.

• Pip took the banner and fled the dining room, hiding as he went, but the boys follow him somehow. The boys relish in the fighting and start leaping about using their fire breath weapon to destroy the monastery.

• Pip found Tamira in the pantry and they made their way out of the monastery.

• With Randers disappearance, the Traveler moved to find the boys but Vaerus intervened and was cut down with one stroke. Vaerus was returned to health when Salem administer healing potion.

• Hakon attacked the Traveler from behind and crushed his left ribs with one mighty blow. The Traveler swung back and wounded Hakon, but, before the Traveler could finish, Salem put one arrow through the Traveler’s neck, killing him.

The aftermath

• Vaerus has controlled the banner, stopping its effect on the surrounding area.

• Tamira was paid 2000 gold as promised by Hakon and Pip. She was very surprised by the honesty of the group. She is very infatuated with Pip has agreed to travel with our party and to continue her relationship with Pip.

• The Monastery is completely destroyed. Two monks have agreed to join our group.

• The Dulwar boys were found in the vineyard burning it, and are quite a handful. They have warned we that father Rander will not let them go with us, and if we take them, he will come for them and not be happy.

• The Traveler was named Warcain. On his person there was a bounty for the death of the Dulwar family. There is no evidence of who issued it or any signatures.

Knowledge gained

• History book
• Choral Rogarvia, or as he became to be known, Choral the Conqueror, invaded the area that would become modern-day Brevoy in 4499 AR. Before he conquered the northern kingdom of Issia, he worked out an agreement with Lord Nikos Surtova at the edge of the Lake of Mists and Veils in 4499 AR. The two men staked out a truce that was bound with the promise of Nikos’ daughter Myrna Surtova in marriage to Choral. In the agreement, Issia’s ruling House Surtova kept much of its power and wealth while they served as vassals under Choral’s leadership. Under the agreement the first two born of the union were to be heirs of House Surtova and not of Rogarvia but during child birth both were still born.

• Choral’s descendants ruled Brevoy from the Dragonscale Throne at the Ruby Fortress in New Stetven for exactly two hundred years until every member of the noble house disappeared in 4699 AR.

• That is strong evidence that the boys are the true heirs to the Dragonscale Throne. But this would mean that the boys have been kept in stasis for 200yrs.

• Is there a reason they have returned at this time. Why?

o Brevoy is currently ruled by the regent King Noleski Surtova of House Surtova. He laid claim to the Throne just this year.

18th Pharast (March)

o Returned to Oleg’s
o Rested 1 day and started on repair of the ballistae.
o The monks, Harsk and Sajan agree to follow the ways of Iomedae at Vaerus’ instruction.
o Val, Burnham, Conley, Harsk and Sajan will stay at Olegs with the heirs and watch them until our return.
o Vaerus needs to return to Restov to have the new armor fitted.
o Oleg has requested us to escort his wife to Restov so she can visit the temple of Calistria, she is in much need of healing, of both mind and body.

22th Pharast (March)

• Travel to Restov to learn of news, refit armor, sell items and collect supplies.

• After 3 days of haggling Pip sold 355 pounds of equipment for a total 2,140 gp. Tamira will not leave his side. She acts very protective of him. During lunch she often gets food and drink for Pip. She even tried to cut his meat for him.

• Vaerus has pressed the lord Mayor for additional protection for Oleg’s. The mayor has agreed to send 3 solders, led by Kesten Garess (3rd fighter) to Oleg’s. They plan to travel with us when we leave Restov.
• Vaerus prayed at the Cathedral of Iomedae when Lord Vierias Spatelate(66 yrs.) showed him his prize possession, a Sword of the Sun (+1 Long sword 1d6 burst fire dmg). He told Vaerus that he is looking for someone worthy to wield it in the service of Iomedae. This may or may not be Vaerus. Only Iomedae will know when that time has come, and now is not the time.

• Salem found employment at a house of magic called Mandi’s Wonders. The work required him to expel all spells for 2 days and read many scrolls for creating items.

• During those 3 days, Hakon indulged himself in drink and women. But he was also productive. He has found a new friend (drinking buddy) named Jhob Kavken (4th cleric of Erastil). Jhob seems to be running from something in his past but has not told any details and we expect he can’t return to his home village south of Mivon for this reason.

o During one night of conversation over strong drink with Hakon and Salem, Jhob told them that he’s looking for a lost temple of Erastil. Its discovery and restoration would restore him to the brotherhood of Erastil. If we agreed to keep a sharp eye out for this temple he will travel with us.

25th Pharast (March)

o As we departed Restov with our supplies and new company we encountered Akara the Kobold. Akara’s left arm was in sling, a broken snout bent to the right and he had a blackened eye. But this had not deterred him from requesting help from passers-by. When talking he tried not to move his snout. When he saw we he mumbled, “Why abandon Akara! Promise, help not did we. I in jail and beaten by nasty guards for many sons.”
o Akara told us that his brothers are held captive by, “slimy men of snakes, to work in mine”.
o When asked who the snake man work for he said, “a spooky man from the deeps”, pointed to the ground, “and beats them all to his will”.
o When asked where and how far he pointed to the southwest, holding up both arms showing 8 claws and says, “Both claws sun walk from cruel humans”.

27th Pharast (March)

• Arrived at Oleg’s after a two day trip from Restov delivering supplies, soldiers and Oleg’s wife.

28th Pharast (March)

• After a heated discussion between party members and Vaerus it was decided to bring the two heirs on the rescue mission to save Akara’s brothers.

• After exploring the land to the West of Oleg’s, we found and destroyed a large trapdoor spider and recovered a treasure map, and amulet of Lord Stagg.

• We made camp that night next to a twenty foot cliff. Vaerus engaged the heirs in teaching them the code of honor. During the early morning hours Salem and Pip spotted an owlbear approaching from the East. Salem and Hakon wounded the owlbear as it charged Salem. Hakon attacked the owlbear from behind, and splattered its remains onto Salem.

29th Pharast (March)

• We arrived at the gold mines lower chambers 2 hours before noon after travel through a 100 foot deep rift. We decided to leave the two monks with the heirs to guard the entrance.

• After exploring and defeating a tribe of Kobolds we were unable to prevent them from warning the miners above. We also left behind three defenseless Kobolds as we advance through the watery cavern. We learned that Akara believes himself to be a deformed dwarf and his brothers are actually dwarven miners who lived in the area for years. The captors of the dwarfs are dark elves from the underdark.
• The access into the main mining tunnels ascends up a forty foot shaft. From above we could hear the slithering speech of Draconic and another form of black speech giving orders. All our gear and armor was soaked from traveling in the underground lake. We knew that the enemy was aware of our intrusion and the only entrance was up through the forty foot shaft or retreat and attack through the main entrance over the rift. There may have been one other entrance through the water pump in the next chamber to the North. It was a one foot diameter water screw that pulls water from the lower levels and feeds the main mining area.
• During negotiations with Drow, they tossed a Dwarf down a 40ft shaft. Vaerus attempted to catch the dwarf but was slowed by the chest deep water. The Dwarf plunged to his doom. The party retreated to the main entrance.
• Pip entered the mine through an air shaft and lit a fire in the store house as a distraction. He opened the mine entrance.
• After fighting our way through the mine, Hakon dropped a Drow blade master with one mighty swing and then tried to engage the Drow female wizard but was dropped by a sleep spell. Salem and Vaerus killed the wizard.
• After freeing the dwarves we met the clan leader named Marrie McSlayer. We spent the next two weeks helping the Dwarves secure their mine, and introduce them to Oleg for possible future trade.

14th Gozran (April)
o In the evening as we finished supper, Rander approached our camp while flying 15 feet in the air. He demanded the return of the heirs. Vaerus flatly refused and Randar attacked by opening a pit beneath the feet of Vaerus, Salem and Hakon. Pip stabbed the eldest heir Delral, almost killing him as he ran towards his grandfather. Rander blasted a fire ball that was somehow weakened, and Pip was able to dodge most of the flames. Rander retrieved the youngest heir Vanral and teleported away.
o During the night, Salem felt directed to head to the West. He felt the lost temple was close and that there is something more than just an abandoned temple.
• 15th Gozran (April)
o We awoke to a drizzly, rainy day. We broke camp in silence, but before departing camp, Hakon relieved himself on the area where the pit formed beneath him the day before. By midday we found an abandoned wagon across the ford. As we approached and investigated, we were quickly challenged by two groups of 6 bandits demanding our goods with drawn bows. One group was positioned in a tree blind, the other group was across the river. Hakon flatly refused telling them they can leave now, or stay and die! Before the words are out of his mouth Vaerus and the Harsk galloped across the river to engage the flanking group. Pip dashed for cover of the forest, Salem cast enlarge on Hakon, but, before he could move, the bandits unleashed six arrows at Hakon, severely wounding him in his foot, thigh, and shoulder.
o Vaerus lanced a bandit, killing him. The other five bandits drew back, and pelted him with arrows that bounced off his armor and shield. Seeing the uselessness of the bows they pulled Vaerus off his horse and pinned him to the ground as they tried to find a weakness in his armor. The war horse, Charger, killed one bandit by trampling him under his hooves, giving Vaerus time to break the bandits hold on him and draw his sword. After another three bandits were killed by a combination of Vaerus’ sword, Charger’s hooves and Harsk’s fists, Pip suddenly emerged from the tree line, backstabbed a bandit, and killed him.
o Salem blinded the other group of bandits in the tree blind with glitterdust, giving Hakon time to charge them. In a leaping overhead swing, the oversized Hakon destroyed the main support of the platform, dropping the bandits to the ground. Salem killed the bandits remaining on the ruined platform with precise arrow shots. The dazed bandits fled for their lives but the enraged barbarian chased them down destroying them one by one till the last one plead for mercy. He agreed to be our guide to the lost temple of Erastil .
o During the battle, the heir, Delral fled into the forest. We attempted to follow his tracks but failed. We made camp for the next two nights at the bandit’s camp and waited for the cleric, Kavken.

16th Gozran
o Glines the bandit led us to the top of a hill that has a commanding view of the marshes. At the highest point, we found a large spire breaking the ground. Digging around its base we found an access hatch and descended into the lost temple on a very narrow staircase.
o Exiting the tower, we emerged into an ancient elven bathhouse with the waters blackened due to some ancient taint. Salem studied the architecture and believes this temple to be part of a lost elven city, Otso Duin (Seven Rivers) He also infers the city would have a mandethral imbuing the citizens with magical powers. The elves worship Erastil, believing that he crafted the first bow as a gift for the elves.
o We exited the chamber through the East door and found a prayer room with many tattered rugs spread out on the floor, leaning against the far wall we saw six decaying elven forms swaying and moaning in rhythm. We saw centipedes, worms and beetles moving in and out of their decaying robes and flesh. Kevken, seeing the defiling creatures, attacked and tried to destroy them in a blast of positive energy. He was quickly overrun and mauled by the fast moving undead and he dropped unconscious. Hakon and Pip charged in and Salem burned one with a ball of fire. Two more undead creatures attacked from the opposite hall, almost killing Harsk. In the ensuing battle, we destroyed the undead creatures and revived Kevken. The southern wall is resistant to light sources which barely penetrate its darkness. We explored the remaining chambers to the West and discovered various magical items.
o We further explored the shattered city and encountered a fellow adventurer being attacked by shambling flat beasts. We slew one, which drove its mate to flee and Salem used his new cloak to fly up and kill the creature. Our new companion claims to be an archeologist but he bends the truth and Salem swears that Exxin Dru’iar has cast some dweomer of illusion upon himself.
o After a short rest, we returned to the room with the aura of darkness and evil in the far South of the temple. We entered slowly until we came out in a large room dominated by a large pulpit. The resident absorbed the magic of our casters and through combined effort; we were able to bring the undead creature down. Vaerus will be wary of stairs when he charges in the future.
o The Tome found in the Hall of the Moon
o This tome details the Ebadus Qul- fidhada corruption. During the First World Ebadus was the high priest of Erastil( or what would become Erastil) In this time elf were immortals and the first creating in the First World. Able to perform miracles in the Hunters name, Ebadus was not satisfied. He delved in to the arts of necromancy. Rising in power as he believed he was gaining knowledge of life and death and thereby the power of gods. In his final act he extinguished his immortal life, believing it was only a doorway to unlimited power. This act cursing all elves to mortal lives. In anger the God of Many cursed Otso Duin destroying all life and buried the city for all time.

17th Gozran
o Pip was lead away in the night by the curious manifestation of vines that pushed out of the doors to the West. Only a garbled yell alerted us to his plight and the rest of the party rushed to his aid. Several plants creatures entangle Pip drawing him unto their bulbous maw. They seem uninterested in us just hungry.
o After dispatched four of the plants we found the far end of the temple rip opened, exposing the cavern from a fifty feet cliff. Below we could see the remaining half of the temple’s roof. Out in the distance we could see the ruined city of Otso Duin stretching under the dome of the cavern, illumined by a blue hue. Nearest to the temple we could see a park or courtyard 300 feet long lined with trees. In the center one tree glowed white like a beacon of hope in the tainted city. Blobbing and weaving in-between the trees glows a whitish blue ball of light. The unobstructed and unoccupied roads of the city formed perfect squares and rectangles, framing many stone buildings of all sizes and heights. Exstin claims that he traversed the city and that it is full of undead, some of whom used to be his travelling companions.
o We returned to camp and slept, gaining strength for the next day. When we awoke we found Exstin (the drow) and Salem missing. There were no sights of struggle, and believe they left on their own accord. We wished them well in their travels.
o We resolved to repel the cliff and enter the temple from above and finish our quest.
o We found a library with a stone monolith in its center, the edges carved in detailed nature scene. Before we knew it began to glow green with power and opened a portal into a jungle. Running toward us was an Elvin male, being chased by two transparent orbs with long tentacles hanging from its underside. The tentacles reached out to snare the elf but he was too nimble and emerged from the monolith looking franticly for something around the monolith. Hakon seeing the chance for battle sprinted into the arch followed by the fearless Halfling Pip. Hakon’s strikes seemed ineffective against the pliable skin of the orbs. Pip was struck and wrapped up in the tentacles, smoke rose from his armor as it burned off him as he yeld,”Stop that! It hurts”! Pip managed to break free limping back to the arch. By some miracle Hakon seeing his friend hurt, smashed one orb and broke combat, scooping Pip in one smooth motion and exited the arch. The elf grabed what appeared to be a stone carved leaf and moved it six inches lower clicking into place between two carved moons.
o After the encounter the elf greeted his rescuers warmly with a unique Bervoy accent introducing himself a Gallishaun Orrindil from Ceive, a small village north of Restov. He further explained that he stumbled upon a gate outside of his village and has been studying these gates, called Elvenways, for some time. With the curiosity of a Halfling he decided to open the gate and explore. He deduced that the gate would take him to the elven homeland of Kyonin, for “all roads lead to Kyonin”, as the saying goes. Neko Kavken took (Shaun’s appearance) as a sign from the Hunter,( The God Estril) sending the party help in their time of need. Vererus pleasantly introduces each party member and accepted the duty to escort Shaun to safety. Shaun examining his new location found himself in a multi-storied ruined library was saddened by the loss of knowledge in the decaying books. Searching he found a few books and also a hidden chamber with a tomb detailing the Elvenways but the script is unfamiliar and will take time to study.
o Exiting the library we jumped down into a courtyard and opened two huge doors. Finding a room or Hall of Art with unfinished carvings then we moved on down the hallway. Entering a room we shined our lantern down at the far end that stretched a 100ft or so. Standing at the far end were leathery skinned elves and tattered remains of metal armor. Vaerus charged into the fray followed by Hakon and Pip. Shaun seeing the enthusiasm of his new companions casts glittering dust on the undead blinding a few of them. The battle seemed to be going well as the attacks of the undead seemed to be useless against the courage and will of the adventurers and suddenly six vines struck Hakon in surprise sapping his strength. Unknown to the party a magical tree with one great eye and a huge maw was trying to draw Hakon into it to satisfy its hunger. Hakon by instinct charges the tree in the courtyard wounding it. Kavken chases after him and tries to restore Hakons strength and pull him to safety as he tends to his wounds. Pip tumbles of the ledge tying to flank the animated tree as Vaerus attacks it from the front. Working as a team they felled the tree! And Hakon took out his aggressions on the bark.
o No sooner than the death of the evil apparition the temple of Estril was baptized in light and washed clean revealing the pure white stone of the once great temple. Stones mended and glass reformed and a great glow surrounded the area. After our eyes clear we find ourselves standing before a eight foot tall human carring a bow with a quiver on his hip and thanking us for our courage in cleaning the taint of his ancient temple. He heals our wounds and gifted us each with a ranged weapon to fit our needs. And returned us to our home.

18th Gozran

o We decided to travel north and explore as we made our way back to Olegs, by evening the pesky insects were attacking any exposed flesh, and we made camp by a large fir tree. Hakon discovered that his amulet of the Stag lord was missing from around his neck and discovered that Pip was wearing it and also was wearing Vaerus’s belt of strength as a bandoleer. To make matters worse Kavken saw that his precious dagger was missing and identified Harsk as the thief and attacked him. The level headed Vaerus quelled the accusations and dismissed them as creatures of the forest turning them against each other. Before we could settle in for the night we were being taunted by human voices from a distance. Pip stealthily tracks the voices but was unable to find the source. Pip learns that the voices are coming from the Fey in the jungle.

19th Gozran
o The following morning Hakon was punked during the night with his face painted raspberry red. Pip used his power of persuasion and lured the Fey into a cease of hostilities. We continued our travel without incident to Oleg’s.

20th Gozran
o Shaun and Vaerus, along with Neko Kavkan and Sagan the Mwangi monk set off to explore the area north of the temple as the remaining party members recuperated and relaxed at Oleg’s. Most of the area was featureless and mundane but they did encounter what appeared to be an ancient battlefield (which we need to have researched) where the dead were buried where they fell.
o We encountered a couple, Faddei and Klara Doletskya, who had moved into the ruins of the old Aroden Monastery and had been tending the vineyards there. They fed us and housed us for the night and Vaerus invested 10 gp into their venture and wished them luck. They promise the first press will come to Oleg’s.
o CritterCut (Titany Cricket) and Pervalish made an appearance as well. The pair have apparently set some deadfalls and traps to punish bandits and hunters in “their” area. We will be sure not to send folks there in the future.
o One of the hunters that the fey had killed had also left a glade full of traps. One of which nearly killed Sagan’s horse. We collected the traps and will use them in the future to set up during camp.
o A small dragonling like creature also attack Sagan from a tree and nearly killed the man. A volley of magic from Shaun and a lance charge from Vaerus did the creature in. Shaun seemed to have at least heard of the creatures before.
o The most disturbing encounter was with a wandering pack of 3 trolls. While camping at an old ruin, in a cozy valley, they appeared in the night. A combination of Neko’s divine magic and Shaun’s arcane temporarily disabled the beasts and they were only able to attack one at a time. A combination of missile fire, magical flame and martial skill was required but it was a hard fight. Sagan was the man of the hour. He ran up one trolls thigh and imbedded his Siangham in its armpit. He flipped onto another trolls shoulders, embedded his weapon in the creature’s neck and flipped back onto the ground which so confounded the creature that Vaerus was able to finish the troll. The bodies were burned on a pyre. Three less evil creatures to threaten our future kingdom.

29th Gozran (April)
o What next?

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